Screening Stations

Upon entering the Courthouse from either the Kent or Cameron Street sides, you MUST pass through a screening location.  At these locations, you will be asked to place all metallic items from you person into a container to be visually verified by the Screen Station Deputy.

NO weapons or any items that can be used as weapons will be aloud beyond this point unless you are a Law Enforcement Officer there on job related business.  You will be able to return to your vehicle with any items that are not illegal, such as pocket knives.  If you do not want to return to the vehicle with the item, it must be relinquished to the Screen Station Deputy prior to entry into the JJC.  If you refuse to do either, your admittance to the JJC will be denied.

Bags, purses, or any items being used to transport belongings will be put through a magnetometer.  If an item contained there-in appears to be a weapon, the bag will be hand searched.  IF further searching by the Deputy is refused, your entry into the JJC will be denied.

After all personal metallic items have been placed into a container and your bag/purse is in the scanner, you will then walk through a metal detector.  If the detector alerts to metal on your person, you will be asked to check your pockets, remove you belt, and take off jewelry.  You will then walk back through the metal detector.  If there is a second alert, the Screening Station Deputy will use a handheld metal detector to obtain the location on your person that is causing the alert.

If any of these procedures are refused by you, access to the JJC will be denied.

If you are found to be in possession of an items that are illegal, such as drugs, you will be arrested.

Police Officers entering the JJC for personal business may not be in possession of a weapon.  The Screen Station Deputy will assist you in securing your weapon before entering the JJC and returning it to you when you leave.

NO CELL PHONES or electronic device are allowed in the Joint Judicial Center unless authorized by the City Sheriff or Judge.  Lockers are provided free of charge to store these items in.  It is best to leave these items secured in your vehicle or at home.  Exceptions are made for those having evidence contained on an electronic device on a case-by-case basis.  In that case, please advise the Deputy working the screening station so that he can obtain permission for you to take the device with you to the courtroom.  The device MUST be turned off until the judge advises you to turn it on.

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